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The types of walking and biking you can do from our accommodation

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Active exploration

Climbing up and down mountains, making unforgettable crossings, following routes through magnificent mountain passes, following paths and trails, ascending mountain roads … in short, putting yourself to the test and discovering your personal limits, while in contact with nature. And if you want any more guarantees, just put yourself in the hands of our local professionals!
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Theme routes

Mountains, churches, flora, fauna, ethnology, geology, astrology, traditional crafts, gastronomy and local products, etc.; these are just some of the themes of the routes that you can follow through the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida, either on foot or by bicycle. We have as many themes as there are people and with the help of local guides you will not miss any part of what could be regarded as the very essence of this territory.
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Holidays with the family

Walking and cycling routes are the best option for everyone; adults and children can enjoy active holidays together. Fun, surprises, games, close contact with nature, exploring new areas … these are just a few of the activities through which parents can ensure that their children enjoy the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida.
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Age is no limit. Activities designed for people with experience but who still feel young at heart. There are unlimited possibilities for organizing a holiday that combines healthy, relaxing walks and rides with discovering truly unique spaces, full of cultureand learning about thousand-year-old traditions that have been conserved until today.
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Healthy activity

Walking and cycling are two activities that can be enjoyed with peace and quiet, in the open air. They combine perfectly with a healthy, balanced diet and with activities such as yoga, relaxation, massages and saunas. All together, they will form part of revitalising holidays that will give you the physical and mental equilibrium that you need.
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Guided or self-guided routes

There are two ways to organize your holiday:self-guided trips, with the help of publications, for those who like to do things their own way;or with the help of qualified guides, for those who like to discover things and geta different point of view.