Walk around the Montcortès Pool and through the Enchanted Forest


This is a route that can be followed at any time of the year, although walkers are advised not to follow it during the hottest
part of the day in summer. At the Estany de Montcortès pool, there is a recreational area where it is possible to relax, bathe and enjoy a picnic.


The path starts at the walled enclosure of Peramea, with the church of Sant Cristòfol, the Roca del Castell, the Colomers tower and the monumental tree in the main square. Between Peramea and Balestui, the route passes through a humid holm oak wood, following an old path which conserves interesting remains of the original paving. Along the route, trekkers will find the Font de Sant Cristòfol spring, the dolmen of La Mosquera, the local boundary cross, the church of Santa Anna de Cortscastell and the Montcortès pool. This is the only lake in the local district that is not of glacial, but of karstic, origin. Its waters come from an inner spring and its depth can vary from 20 to 40 metres.

Peramea-Balestiu-Montcortés: 2h 43min
Variant: From Montcortés to Peramea: 1h 30min Variant: 4.1km

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