The La Pera Pool Route


In La Cerdanya, the La Pera Pools have, for many years, been a passing point for smugglers on their way into and out of Andorra. The two pools lie in the catchment area of the River Molí, which lies in a small glacial cirque located at the head of the Arànser valley.


From Les Pollineres (2,140 m), trekkers should follow path nº 1 (marker) of the Senders de Cerdanya (yellow rectangles), which comes from El Fornell. This route then continues upwards and to the right, avoiding a bend in the path. For a few metres it follows a path that runs to the right and towards Cap del Rec until it crosses a bridge over the River Molí. Trekkers should then follow the route, shared with GR 11-10 (marked with red and white stripes and a variant of GR 11, a long distance footpath which crosses the Pyrenees from the Bay of Biscay to Cap de Creus), which leads off to the left, before entering some woods and crossing the River Molí via a ford. Further on, the route twice crosses the track that leads to the Estanys de la Pera mountain shelter and then runs along the valley floor until it arrives at the foot of a granite cliff where there is a pretty waterfall. From this point on, the slope steepens until the route again returns to the track, just before it reaches the small La Pera pool, over to the left. The route then avoids the track over to the right and crosses some pastureland before arriving at the Estanys de la Pera mountain shelter (at 2,357 m and after 45 min). This shelter is manned in summer, on public holidays and at some weekends. Access to the large La Pera pool is via the track and a flat path to the right, which takes trekkers there after a brief walk (at 2,350 m and after 1 h). It should be noted that the place name “La
Pera” has nothing to do with the fruit (pear), but instead refers to a rock used as a signal. Similar Catalan toponyms include Peramola, Peralada, Peratallada and Peramea.

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