The Cercavins Route


The Cercavins Route is also an introduction to the heritage of La Segarra. At Montornès, there are houses with arched doorways in the old quarters, as well as the old school and an Art Nouveau style cemetery. At L’Ametlla, there is a cylindrical tower (dating from the year 1077) and the Romanesque church of Sant Pere.


The source of the River Cercavins (literally: wine-searcher) can be
found on the slopes of the Suró uplands (790 m). This river then flows through the municipalities of Montoliu de Segarra and Montornès de Segarra. This is quite a flat area in which patches of woodland alternate with fields of cereals, almonds and olives and there are also vineyards. La Segarra used to be a wine-producing area, but this crop has now all but disappeared from this part of the comarca.

Punt d’inici

Montornès de Segarra

Punt final

Montornès de Segarra