The Canal Route


The route starts from Mollerussa, the capital of El Pla d’Urgell, and follows much of the third main channel of the Canal d’Urgell in the shade of the trees, until it reaches the Salt del Duran falls. From there, it is possible to go to Vilanova de Bellpuig and see the Gothic altarpiece of the Mare de Déu del Lliri before returning to the third channel and the town.


Starting from the Route from Belianes to Mollerussa and then
following the canal, after arriving at the Salt del Duran falls, walkers can stop at Vilanova de Bellpuig, enjoying the trees, fruit orchards and fields along the way. At Vilanova, trekkers can see the church and its altarpiece, before leaving along a dirt track which shows that this is an agricultural and livestock farming area. Walkers should follow the signs until they reach a crossroads where, if they want, they can continue towards Golmés, another villagewhich has much to see. Alternatively, they can return to Mollerussa by the opposite bank of the canal. Water is the element that has given life to the plains of Urgell. Walking along the third main irrigation channel of the Canal d’Urgell makes visitors aware of how, by controlling the flow of water, local farmers can use and benefit from it. It should not be forgotten that the neighbouring villages and towns also use this water. The Salt del Duran falls and the Pont de les Llums provide examples of how water can be harnessed to produce electricity.

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