Route to the Mu Gorge


The Congost de Mu Route runs through the southern crags and spurs of El Montsec, where the River Segre passes through one of the most impressive stretches along its course. The route starts at the road
bridge just before the village of Alòs de Balaguer or trekkers can also begin their walk from the hydroelectric power station of Camarasa.


Trekkers are recommended to start the Congost de Mu Route at the bridge on the road to Rubió and Foradada. They should then follow the course of the River Segre until they reach the recreational zone of L’Espadella, which offers a magnificent natural setting that is ideal for a break. As trekkers go on, the track narrows and they will get
closer to the water (passing along a walkway suspended from the
rock). The landscape becomes increasingly more magnificent as the route nears the gorge, with the spectacular way in which the foothills of the Serra Carbonera plunge vertically into the water being particularly impressive. The route then continues uphill to reach its highest point, from which walkers can enjoy views of the Mont-roig mountains, the gorge and, down by the riverside, the hydroelectric power station of Camarasa. It is also possible to cross a suspension bridge, a little further ahead, in order to arrive - after a two-hour trek - at the last part of the route. This is at the power station and comes after crossing a walkway suspended from the rock. The return trip follows the same route, but in the opposite direction.

Punt d’inici

Alòs de Balaguer

Punt final

Minicentral hidroelèctrica de Camarasa