Route through the Beech Forest of Carlac


Bausen is a charming village, located in El Baish Aran, which is hidden amongst the mountains of Vacanera, where it is surrounded by meadows and pastures. This route skirts the mountainside, following
a well-marked path, before entering a spectacular beech wood. It then comes back out into the light to be greeted by panoramic views over Bausen and El Baish Aran once it has passed El Coret de Pan.


From the car park at the entrance to the village, trekkers should follow Carrèr Sant Peret, where a sign indicates the way up through
the steep streets. Trekkers should follow the GR markers towards
the right until they reach the outskirts of the village. Once past
the Sant Ròc hermitage, they should follow the well-marked path until they reach and pass through the Carlac wood. Trekkers should then make their way up to the highest point, right at the end of the wood. They should then pass El Coret de Pan and continue on through the meadows with their scattered bordes (rural cabins) until they see the
house roofs and then arrive back at the village of Bausen.

Punt d’inici


Punt final