The Barcedana Valley and the Romanesque heritage of Llimiana

Panoramica Llimiana-G Portabella

A walk through the foothills of the Montsec Sierra, amongst olive trees and Romanesque heritage.

You will find the Barcedana Valley to the north of the Montsec de Rubies Sierra, where it cuts through the Llimiana Sierra, allowing its waters to drain into the Terradets reservoir; it forms part of a large municipality that is composed of three small villages. This is a valley with steep slopes and deep ravines but which has an age-old tradition of dry-land farming, in which the cultivation of olives has always played a leading role.
This day, with its rather limited views, combines well with the second, on which you will enjoy extensive panoramic views of Llimiana and look out over the entrance to the Tremp basin.


1rt DAY

Mas de Bruquet-Barcedana-Mas de Bruquet

Leave from Mas de Bruquet following the path leading to the farmsteads of Sorri, Perevilà and Martineu. Then go on to the Barranc del Boter ravine, which will take you down to the rest area on the Pelat Plain. Once there, follow the River Barcedana to the foot of Montsec de Rúbies, carrying on until you reach the Barcedana bridge. You should then return home following the road.

2nd DAY

Mas de Bruquet-Llimiana and back

Discover Romanesque Llimiana. This is a self-guided walking route (3 km) to the Llimiana Sierra. It visits the hermitage of Sant Andreu, which is unique in Catalonia on account of its twin apses. It is also possible to enjoy a guided tour of the church of Santa Maria de Llimiana and the Casa Bonifaci Museum of Llimiana.

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- Double room for 2 nights
- 2 self-guided routes with a map and circular trails

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- Tourism tax


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