Lleida, a territory to discover on two wheels

Lleida, a territory to discover on two wheels

Follow mountain tracks and paths to a dense network of local roads that connect small and large villages. Or start from MTB centres and discover the comarques (local districts) of Lleida,which offer you a large, and almost endless, range of options with which to organise youritinerary.

As well as providing the best base from which to discover and explore this territory, the 40 accommodation centres accredited by Benvinguts are establishments that will make you feel completely at home. These are places where you will find information and suggestions to make the most of your holidayand also a series of specialised servicesprepared to take care of your equipment. These include:a garage for bicycles; a workshop and tools for carrying out minor repairs; and spaces for cleaning and drying clothes.

Here, you have three very different spaces for discovering the territory of Lleida, whether travelling alone or with a group, whether you follow one of the organised routes or participate in one of the trials that are organised throughout the year.

In the Pyrenees, the high peaks rise to over 2000 metres and are covered in snow for much of the year, while the picturesque villages that nestle in the valleys host exciting experiences and challenging routes.

For those who enjoy challenges, our roads offer more than 70 different category 1and 2mountain passes, some of which include stretches with gradients of more than 6%, and even up to 15%. You can enjoy panoramic views that from the passesand as you follow the hard-earned and rapid descents, some of which extend for distances of over 10 km.

BTT al Montsec de la mà de Zentih Aventura. Vall d'Àger (La Noguera)

BTT al Montsec de la mà de Zentih Aventura. Vall d’Àger (La Noguera)

Meanwhile, away from the main roads, countless forest tracks offer a space for discovering your limits, in a territory just waiting to be explored. The four MTB centres offer a wide range of signposted routes. Some are more technical than others and require a firm command of your bicycle was you explore the hidden corners of these mountain landscapes. While for a wider public, there are half-hill routes and ones that run along the bottom of the valleys, which will allow you to enjoy two wheels as a family.

Further south, the ridges of the Pre-Pyrenees constitute aseparate space, where the complex geology has created an intricate series of valleys and peaks, dominated by large rocks and rocky cliffs. This space, and its milder climate, will allow you to lose yourself along minor roads and tracks that offer sudden changes of slopeand include stretches of great technical difficulty.

Along the minor roads which mainly carry local traffic, this area hides several of the most technical category 1 mountain passes, as well as a large number of category 3 and 4passes which lead off to small villages and lesser known destinations. For mountain bikers, the three MTB centres of the Pre-Pyrenees offer a combination of routes suitable for beginners, but also several routes and descents of high technical difficulty.

The 144 km-long Canal d’Urgell is the veritable backbone of the Lands of Lleida, separating the wide plains of the agricultural areas from the rolling hills of the dryland area.

Llegint una autoguia a l'Estany d'Ivars. Imatge: Roc Llimargas

Llegint una autoguia a l’Estany d’Ivars. Imatge: Roc Llimargas

You can do your speed training surrounded by fruit trees and irrigation systems, riding along the network of predominantly flat, small and medium-sized roads that connect the local settlements, whileyou can explore this area of limitless horizonsby cycling along the banks of the canal and following the network of tracks that runs through its orchards.

In the area of ​​dry hills, whether you ride along tarmac roads or follow the dense network of rural tracks, riding on two wheels will allow you to relive the history of areas which, in past times, were frontier spaces between two rival cultures: the Christian and Muslim worlds. Here you can discover the small fortified villages, towers and vantage points that lie behind the waving fields of cereals.

Whatever your speciality, whether MTB, mountain, road or touring bicycle, when travelling on two wheels in the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida, you will always find flat stretches along which to race, climbs during which you can test your resistance, descents where you can enjoy the rush of the air and the sensation of speed, and/or spaces for leisurely pedalling with your family.

And to make the most of your cycling holiday, the choice of accommodation offered by Benvinguts always constitutes the surest option.

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